Common Outage Causes

Power outages happen for many reasons, during any season or weather.

We prepare year-round to help get your power back on as safely and quickly as possible after a severe weather event. Some of the most common causes of outages include:
  • High winds

    High winds can cause tree branches and limbs to make contact with power lines.

  • Poor driving conditions

    When roads get wet or severe storms hit, dangerous driving conditions and accidents can damage electrical equipment.

  • Freezing rain

    In the winter, ice accumulates and covers power lines causing them to sag and break.

Weather is the cause of most power outages

More than 70% of power outages are weather-related, including storms, high winds, lightning and ice. But they aren't the only causes; outages can happen at any time of the year. Animals gnawing into and making contact with wires, car accidents and human error can also cause outages. Damage from weakened trees can result in a loss of power weeks after a severe-weather event. Occasionally, shorter outage periods are necessary to accommodate installation efforts for other providers, including high-speed internet. Find other causes and how we work proactively to prevent them.