Who is responsible for the repairs if my meter is damaged?


When your meter or service connection is damaged, responsibilities for the repair process vary.

The utility is responsible for...
  • Underground:  Incoming service cable to the point of delivery. We will repair or replace the service cable. 
  • The electric meter:  If the meter is damaged, we will repair or replace it. 
  • Overhead: The service wire to the point of delivery, which includes repair or replacement of the service wire. We will make the connection to the customer's wire at the point of delivery.
The customer is responsible for...
  • Underground:  Providing and installing the wires after the point of delivery, service conduit and the meter can, to which the meter is attached.
  • A permit and/or electrical inspection:   Please check with your local building inspector. After the work is completed by your electrician, call us so we can schedule a crew to reconnect service. 
  • Overhead:  Providing and installing the service point of attachment, as well as the wires after the point of delivery, the weather-head, the entrance cable and the meter can, to which the meter is attached.
  • If your meter socket is pulled away from the house and you are without power, we’ll perform a temporary fix when possible to get you back online. For a permanent fix, or if the meter is detached but you still have power, it’s your responsibility to contact an electrician. 
Contact us if you have questions about the meter and repair responsibility or view more details on our power restoration page