Restoration Process

Restoring power is complex. Learn how Evergy brings the community back online.

Power sometimes returns in a different order than you’d expect. We have a process in place to address critical needs first then the largest number of customers as quickly and safely as possible.Hurricane Ida

  • As outage reports come in, troubleshooters and sometimes damage assessment crews are sent to investigate the outage cause. This is why you may see an Evergy vehicle come and leave your neighborhood without power being restored.
  • Crews then repair or replace equipment as needed, removing all hazards.
  • Many times, tree trimming crews must remove trees or tree limbs before power can be restored.
  • Following a major storm, sometimes it's a matter of completely rebuilding parts of the electrical system to restore services, which can take lots of coordination and many hours to complete.
Find out more about safety during power restoration.

Our goal is to restore power to the largest number of customers

as quickly and safely as possible.

Who's responsible when service connection is damaged?

When your meter or service connection is damaged, find out how the process to get it repaired works.