Corporate Contractors

Contractors who perform field service work, such as construction, plant maintenance, inspections and testing , are subject to annual qualification and documentation requirements. 

Corporate accidents and injuries

In the event of a work-related incident resulting in a contractor, vendor, visitor or driver injury or near miss, the contractor, vendor, visitor or driver shall notify their appointed Evergy representative immediately. The contractor, vendor, visitor or driver shall provide the Evergy Construction Safety representative or appointed representative with an initial report of incident, in writing, within 24 hours of the accident. Hard copy or electronic formats are acceptable.
In case of an accident or injury on Evergy property involving contracted personnel, please contact the following:

Corporate drug-free workplace policy

Evergy requires background checks. Supplier agrees to conduct reasonable background checks on each of supplier’s employees, agents, representatives and contractors (“Supplier Personnel”) that will perform services on Evergy Inc.'s property, Evergy Inc.'s “rights of way,” the property of Evergy Inc.'s customers, or any aspect of Evergy Inc.'s computer systems. Supplier acknowledges and agrees that only those persons who have successfully passed these background checks will perform such services.

At a minimum, supplier will confirm and verify each supplier personnel’s social security number, identity, authorization to work and county level criminal record check. Supplier personnel who will have access to Evergy Inc.'s computer systems or areas critical to the support of the electricity infrastructure will check the preceding items, as well as residence and employment check, drivers license history, drug screening, verification of highest level of education or professional certification and United States government terrorist list check.

Supplier is responsible for all costs related to such background checks and agrees to maintain accurate records pertaining to such background checks for a minimum of five (5) years after termination of this agreement, unless limited by law.


For more information, contact: