Battery Storage Pilot Program


By participating in Evergy’s Home Battery Storage Pilot program, you receive a FREE 16 kWh home battery storage system valued at $18,000. This battery system can help lower your energy costs and provide back-up power for essential lighting and appliances during outages. If your home qualifies, we'll install the system for free. The only cost to you is a $10 monthly program fee.

But why? This pilot program allows Evergy to test how home batteries interact with the power grid and provide back-up power for customers. In addition, it gives you further visibility and options on your energy use and costs, which helps us and you be more efficient.

What are the benefits? Aside from a free home battery storage system, there are additional benefits to this program:

  • Save money: Your battery is optimized to capture energy during less expensive “off peak” rate times, and to dispense the power during more costly (peak) rate times to save you money
  • Store energy you produce: If you have solar panels, the battery can even help capture extra energy to store for later use
  • Keep your appliances on: If there is an outage, your battery can power critical appliances (like your refrigerator) for up to 3 hours

How does it work?

Eligibility requirements

  • You own the property (residential customers only)
  • You have reliable cellular service or Wi-Fi at your location
  • You are an Evergy customer on a time-based rate plan
  • Your Evergy account is in good standing with no disconnect notices in the last 12 months
  • You will complete a customer interest questionnaire to determine if your home is eligible
  • You agree to a $10 monthly battery program fee – added to your regular Evergy bill (battery and installation worth $18,000)

What to expect

The Home Battery Storage Pilot is a research and development program designed to create cutting-edge solutions to improve your energy utilization in the home... while also helping us advance the power grid. We expect the program to be a hands-on partnership that may require multiple site visits, meetings and discussions between the homeowner and Evergy. This is truly about learning and testing, so Evergy will look for feedback on processes, technology and your experience to make improvements.

Some steps in the process

After the pilot ends

Evergy selected a battery storage technology that includes a home energy management control system with cloud support. Evergy will own, install, operate and maintain the battery storage system at your home through the pilot, which ends in 2026. At the end of 2026, you will be allowed to choose from the following options: 

  • We will transfer ownership and maintenance of the battery to you under the condition that you provide Evergy with access of energy data and control the power from the battery. If needed, for the battery’s remaining useful life, you’ll be compensated if the energy from the battery supports the Evergy power grid during an emergency condition. 
  • Purchase the battery at the depreciated value with no future obligation to Evergy under this pilot; or
  • Request Evergy remove the battery.
Enhancing reliability

This program is part of Evergy’s broader strategic effort to strengthen and modernize our community’s energy grid.

This effort includes several targeted projects across the Evergy region, in both Kansas and Missouri, to strengthen our critical energy infrastructure and build a more resilient and sustainable grid for the future.

Visit our environmental impact information to learn more about how these pilot programs help us explore energy options for the future and contribute to our smart Energy Mix..