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Benefits of Fleet Electrification

Evergy's EV Charging Rebate helps defray the cost of installing charging stations for your business vehicles

As you meet your sustainability goals by employing electric fleet vehicles, our EV Charging Rebate can significantly reduce the upfront cost of installing charging stations for them. In addition, if your charging stations are separately metered, you may also qualify for our special business EV-only rate plan.

Learn more below, then reach out to our EV team to get started. They’ll guide you through the installation, equipment choice and rebate process. The rebate is available for most fleets, including transit vehicles and school buses too.
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The EV Charging Rebate reduces the cost of installing up to ten level 2 EV charging ports at your place of business.

Rebate Amount

Site Type Level 2 Ports DCFC Units Maximum Rebate per Site
 Fleet 10 2 $65,000

Lower your energy bill and meet your sustainability goals

Explore optional EV rate plans that incentivize you to charge when electricity demand and fuel costs are low (and renewable energy sources are high). Or find out how to employ electric equipment in your operations.

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Business EV Rate Plan

For businesses with separately metered EV chargers

Business EV Plan
Retail storefront with EV charging

Customers or the General Public

Offer charging for public access or as an amenity to customers visiting your business.

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Workplace Charging

Offer charging for your employees’ personal vehicles.

Workplace Charging