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Research and Pilot Program

A culture of innovation begins with an investment in our customers and communities.

Evergy supports your energy usage in many ways and figuring out the best way to invest in our customers is important to us because we know it’s important to you. That's why we now have a Research and Pilot Program - a resource for assessing innovative and different ways we can support our customers, aside from our discounts.

Our current pilots include...

Income-Eligible Multi-Family Common Laundry

The Common Laundry pilot offers income-eligible properties rebates for leasing high-efficiency commercial washing machines.

  • A rebate of $700 is available for each ENERGY STAR certified front-loading commercial washing machine leased
  • Equipment must be leased ENERGY STAR certified, front-loading, commercial grade, and located in common areas only. Tenant unit washing machines do not qualify
  • Properties must be located in Missouri, an Evergy all-electric customer, with subsidized housing or at least 50% of residents at or below 200% of the federal poverty line

For questions or to apply to this pilot, give us a call at 816-772-1007.

Get Full Program Breakdown or Apply Now

Market-Rate Multi-Family

This pilot brings energy-efficient equipment rebates to market-rate multi-family residences. Properties can take advantage of two separate programs (or both for maximum savings) to make energy efficiency upgrades to tenant units.

  • The Standard Rebate program provides rebates of $50 to $700 on various appliances and heating and cooling equipment - Apply Now
  • The Direct Install program provides energy efficiency measures such as LED bulbs, efficient-flow kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators, efficient-flow showerheads and advanced power strips for $20 per tenant unit - Apply Now
  • Properties must be all-electric, composed of three or more dwelling units, be individually metered under a residential rate code and be located within the Evergy Missouri territory

Not sure where to start? Take advantage of a Free Energy Assessment to identify the energy efficiency opportunities for your tenant units and follow-up with the offers above.
Disclaimer: Please note this program is specifically for tenant unit measures and not available for new construction or common areas.

If you would like to receive rebates for making energy-efficient upgrades to your property‚Äôs common areas, head here. Or for questions, give us a call at 816-772-1007.

Get Full Program Breakdown (or apply for the Standard Rebate program here and the Direct Install program here)

Kansas City Low-Income Leadership Assistance Collaborative (KC-LILAC)

KC-LILAC is designed to bring local support resources together to offer the most comprehensive experience for customers who meet the low-income qualifications.

  • Focused in areas of energy efficiency, home health, structural repair and integrity
  • Meant to create a better, more widespread understanding of what is available for the low-income population
  • If you are interested in learning about what resources are available, or would like to see how you can contribute to KC-LILAC, please contact us at 816-414-4500, or