Lighting and Controls

Lower your lighting bill with LEDs!

Upgrading to LEDs offers an easy way to enhance the comfort, safety, productivity, and visual appeal of your facility—in addition to significant long-term energy and maintenance cost savings.


Modern, high-efficiency lighting uses far less energy, lasts years longer and offers exceptional light quality compared to outdated or less-efficient options. Additional cost-saving features like dimmability and instant-on capabilities allow for increased efficiency and convenience with the integration of occupancy and daylight controls.

  • LED tube lights use half the energy of the average T8 fluorescent light and last twice as long
  • New LED tubes can often be easily retrofitted into an existing fluorescent fixture
  • LED lights can pay for themselves with energy savings within a year

We have not had an accident in over 8 months since we started upgrading to LED lights. This is an incredible record for an operation like what we do here. The plant is safer, morale has improved, and productivity has increased as a result of the better quality and quantity of light the LEDs provide

Patrick LeMieux, Plant Manager
AZZ Galvanizing
Kansas City, MO

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