Unitary HVAC

Temps may be high, but your bill doesn't have to be!

Compared to traditional cooling systems, modern, high-efficiency unitary HVAC units use 30–50% less energy while providing greater comfort and control. They also feature advanced technology like variable frequency drives, carbon dioxide sensors, and enthalpy economizers that automatically optimize cooling output to ensure your system only uses as much energy as it needs.


  • Uses 30–50% less energy than older systems
  • Can last 20 years or more
  • Lower energy and maintenance costs
  • Greater employee comfort and productivity
  • Does not use phased-out refrigerants
Which unitary HVAC is right for your business?
  • Heat pumps move heat in or out of your building to provide year-round heating and cooling.
  • Direct expansion systems directly cool the air supplied to the building, either in a self-contained outdoor package or an indoor/outdoor split system.
  • Rooftop units work equally well as air conditioners or heat pumps.

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