Map Guide

Navigate the outage map with ease and learn more about features available to you.

When your power's out, we want you to report your outage with ease and know when you can expect your power to be restored. To create the best experience possible, we've updated features on the outage map. Learn how to utilize the outage map features by checking out our guide below. Or report an outage now here.

3 Map Guide

Map Guide takes you to a walk through of the outage map and its features, so you can use it with ease.

2 Report Outage

The orange Report Outage button allows you to immediately report your outage online.

4 Tools

The Tools section shows you active outages, customers affected and total customers served. It also allows you to switch Map Views from locations to city, county or zip code. The Summary Report gives a table-like breakdown of customers affected and served by state, which you can change to city, county or zip code view. Lastly, the Weather tool let's you view or loop the radar to see what's currently going on in your area.

5 Alert Banner

The Alert Banner appears in a situation where you may need to know widespread outage information or updates. You can click on the banner to read more information.

6 Icon

An Icon may appear on the map for things like a hazard, dry ice truck (in summer outage situations), warming centers (in winter outage situations) or relevant photos of crews and outages.

7 Outage Info

When you click on an outage within the map, you'll be presented with Outage Info that shows your estimated restoration time (as long as there's not a severe storm or outage situation preventing us from knowing a restoration time). We'll also show you when your outage was reported, a cause (if it's been identified) and if a crew is on their way or working on your outage.