Variable Speed Drives

Rev up your bottom line.

Due to their demanding 24/7 operation, industrial motors typically use more energy than any other equipment. Optimizing yours with variable speed drives (VSDs) can dramatically reduce your operating costs, improve production and boost your bottom line.

Rather than operating at constant speed, VSDs automatically adjust motor speed to match the power needed for specific tasks. That way you use only the energy you need, and save what you don’t. 


  • Enormous energy savings
  • Less wear and tear and longer-lasting equipment
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Quieter, more reliable operation
  • Affordable in a wide array of applications

Enhance your energy-saving possibilities

VSDs can bring out the best in a variety of equipment and applications, including:

  • Unitary HVAC equipment upgraded with VSDs offers far greater comfort, control and savings compared to traditional heating and cooling systems.
  • Air Compressor with VSDs are far more reliable and efficient than standard options.
  • Chillers optimized with VSDs offer incredible long-term savings, enhanced comfort and greater reliability.

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