Grocery and Retail

Helping grocery and retail business save smarter.

No matter what upgrades you’re considering, it pays to bring Evergy to the table as early as possible. Our team of energy-saving experts will guide you toward a lasting, cost-effective strategy to improve sales, foot traffic, productivity, comfort, shelf life and more—and provide incentives to make it happen.

Key opportunities to consider...


LEDs aren't just the most efficient, longest lasting option. They extend shelf life, improve foot traffic and safety, boost productivity and sales and reduce costs. Couple them with controls for brilliant results. Discover More.

Unitary HVAC

A modern, high-performance unitary HVAC unit is one of the easiest ways to provide a more comfortable and welcoming shopping experience. Using 30% to 50% less energy doesn't hurt, either. Discover More.


Upgrading to high-efficiency refrigeration equipment not only cuts energy costs, but can also improve customer comfort, reduce waste and increase product life. Discover More.

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