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Helping industrial facilities save smarter.

The right high-efficiency upgrades to your industrial facility can result in far more than energy savings. Bring Evergy to the table early to help you develop a long-term strategy to reduce operating costs, streamline production and boost your bottom line. When the time comes to upgrade, our extensive resources, incentives and expertise can help you invest with confidence. 

Project snapshot: Yanfeng USA Automotive

Est. annual energy savings: 1,110,999 kWh
KCP&L incentive: $104,995
Energy costs saved: $81,687 annually

  Industrial workers

Keegan Williams, Lean Implementation Specialist
Yanfeng USA Automotive, Riverside, Missouri

Key opportunities to consider

High Bays Lighting graphic


LEDs use a fraction of the energy, last years longer, require far less maintenance than standard lighting. They also generate much less heat, taking a significant burden off your cooling system. 
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Variable Speed Drives

VSDs automatically adjust motor speed to match varying energy needs, which helps lower energy and maintenance costs, extend equipment life and reduce noise. 
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Fridge graphic


Upgrading to high-efficiency refrigeration equipment not only cuts energy costs, but can also improve reliability, reduce downtime and maintenance costs, and increase equipment life cycles.
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Chiller graphic


Modern, right-sized chillers feature advanced technology like magnetic bearings and variable speed drives (VSDs) to significantly boost performance, productivity and efficiency. 
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Air compressors

VSD-equipped air compressors experience less wear and tear, last longer, are less noisy and offer greater reliability than their constant-speed counterparts.
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